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When John and I moved to Nova Scotia, we decided to build a house and bought property at the end of Five Island Rd. We were attracted by the hiking trails, tennis court, and the trout stream at the bottom of our back yard. However, over the past 15 years, Cambrians Cove has provided us with much more than hiking and fishing. We watch deer eating acorns outside our front window, flocks of birds and squirrels visit our feeders throughout the year and we have sighted martins, baby raccoons, rabbits and foxes. John gets considerable pleasure from the chipmunks eating from his hand. More importantly, we have found a sense of community in Cambrians Cove. We know our neighbors through neighborhood Christmas parties and summer BBQs. They stop to chat as they walk past our house and we can always depend on someone to help when need arises. When John and I had our respective surgeries, we received numerous phone calls and visits from concerned neighbors (friends). In the end we didn’t build a house in Cambrians Cove, we built a home.

Wenda Greer and John Komatz
Five Island Road

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