Sign at entrance to subdivision

Cambrian's Cove Homeowners Association

The Cambrian's Cove subdivision dates from 1988 when Geoff Elder purchased land to the south of Lake of the Woods to create a residential community. The residents who purchased land and built homes there first formed an informal association of residents called Cambrian's Cove Homeowners Association (CCHA) on October 11, 1995. The Association agreed to a formal Memorandum of Association at a general meeting on May 6, 2001 and was incorporated soon afterwards. Its first AGM was held on October 2, 2001.

CCHA is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Cambrian's Cove through an elected executive and the voluntary participation of the homeowners. Since its inception CCHA has enjoyed a spirit of mutual cooperation and respect, as evidenced in the collaborative maintenance of its roads and recreational areas and its efforts to protect the natural environment in and around Cambrian's Cove.

Property Owned by Cambrian's Cove Homeowners' Association

  • All of the roads in Cambrian's Cove
  • The tennis court
  • The beach area including all of the land to the road
  • The landscaped area at the entrance
  • The trail between lots 38 and 39.

Annual Dues including Maintenance Fees 2016

Restrictive Covenants: The purchaser/s of all lots agree to cost share for maintenance in Cambrian's Cove according to the Restrictive Covenants.

Administration: Each Residential Household pays an annual amount of these costs. They include property taxes, liability insurance and administrative costs.

Maintenance: Each Residential Household pays an annual amount of $100.00 per owned property to the Association. This amount is placed in a Maintenance Fund, and is used for routine maintenance of our Private Roads and/or Common Areas (beach, tennis court, mailboxes).

Snow Removal Costs: Each Residential Household pays an annual amount of ~$258.00 (determined yearly) per owned property for the shared cost of snowplowing, clearing and maintaining the roads.

Our Fiscal Year runs October 1 - September 30. Notification of Fees is sent to membership each September prior to the AGM, with payment due within 30 days.

New purchasers: Fees are pro-rated from the closing date of the purchase to the end of the current Fiscal Year. New purchasers will receive a CCHA Welcome Package which includes a description of fees and a copy of the CCHA By-Laws.